As a homeowner, a leaking or otherwise damaged roof can be a stressful nightmare. As an integral part of your home’s structure, your home’s roof is also a protective shield for your family and belongings against many adverse conditions. This is why many homeowners face the dreaded cost of replacing it when it becomes damaged or old and begins to fail. However, re-roofing is a more cost-friendly option that might save homeowners from the dreaded high costs of a new roof.

If you are a homeowner with a damaged or leaky roof and would like to know more about re-roofs and if your home is a good candidate, contact A&H Roofing today. We are a trusted and professional roofing company in the Denver area that would be more than happy to help you repair or replace your home’s roof.

What Is A Re-Roof?

Although “re-roofing” may sound like a reference for replacing your roof, it isn’t. It is a specific process that involves adding a second layer of shingles to an existing roof. Although it isn’t always practical, re-roofs can save you money since it takes less labor, materials, and time, as the currently installed roof does not need to be pulled off.

Re-roofing is cost-effective since most of the roof’s layers are left intact. You don’t spend money on a brand-new roof. Instead, you rely on its natural layers for your construction structure and protection. Since you are reusing these materials, you rely on the existing layers of your roof for protection and structure throughout the re-roofing process.

How Do I Know If A Re-Roof Is Right For My Home?

A roof reaching the end of its useful life but still in excellent condition is a good candidate for re-roofing. A fresh layer may be the ideal remedy if asphalt shingle grains are discovered in the gutters. A recovery (or re-roof) can also help repair small leaks or other minor problems. The roof is also a strong candidate if it hasn’t been re-roofed.

An expert roofer should inspect it before you can be sure that re-roofing is the right decision. It will be necessary for a professional roofing contractor to climb up on the roof and examine the structure. An expert can determine whether there are already two layers by pulling back a few shingles. Additionally, as they go around, the inspector will feel for soft spots in the roof and check for flashing degradation.

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For more information about out professional roofing, siding, and gutter services or to schedule your consultation please contact us at 303-659-8088.

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For more information about out professional roofing, siding, and gutter services or to schedule your consultation please contact us at 303-659-8088.

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