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Need a good roofer?

If you are a homeowner looking for a roofer in the Denver metro area, look no further than a Colorado Roofing Association member. On their website you can search for a professional roofer and rest assured knowing you are going to find a licensed and professional member who is an expert at roofing your home or building.

Colorado Roofing Association contractor members, upon joining the association, fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

How to get an estimate on roof repair or replacement

A & H Roofing makes it easy to get an estimate for your roof repair or replacement in Denver or surrounding areas.

Either call us at 303.659.8088


Visit our online estimate page and fill out our easy form.

A & H does not take deposits, and never asks for any money down. Rather, A & H Roofing prefers payment upon completion of the job, and after the customer is 100% satisfied.

Get started today!

Hail damage Longmont

Attention all Longmont, CO, homeowners – did you sustain hail damage to your roof with the recent storms? If so, we’d like to help. Call A & H Roofing for an estimate, or even just an inspection if you’re not sure if your home got damaged or not. Sometimes it’s the unseen damage that can be the worst. We are here for you. Give us a call at 303.659.8088, or fill out our online estimate form.

Hail damage Boulder

If you are a homeowner in Boulder, you may have experienced some hail damage to your roof a few weeks ago with the storms that came through. The Longmont and Lyons areas also got some hail. A & H Roofing is a family-owned company, and we understand the frustration caused by this type of damage. We’d love to help remove some of your stress. Give us a call for an estimate on getting your damage repaired… 303.659.8088

Boulder, CO

How to make your roof’s wood sheathing and shingles last longer

The key to getting the most out of your sheathing and shingles’ life span is making sure your attic is properly ventilated and insulated. A well-ventilated attic prevents the sheathing from rotting and reduces the need to replace the roof more often.

An attic with proper insulation will also reduce the buildup of ice dams and save on energy costs. To learn more about this and other roofing tips, call your local roofing experts, A & H Roofing in Brighton, Denver, and all of the Denver metro area.

Roof damaged by heavy snow/ice?

With all the recent snowfall, now may be a good time to get your roof checked out for possible damage or leaks. The last thing you want is for a weak roof to make for a leaky spring or summer! A & H Roofing has been in business since 1998, and we are your local roofing experts in the Denver metro area. Give us a call today at 303.659.8088 or get an estimate for work you think may need to be done to your roof. We also do gutters and siding!


With more than 30 years of experience, A & H Roofing serves the Brighton and Denver, Colorado metro areas and surrounding communities. We offer residential and commercial roofing and gutters and handle all types of roofing projects; no job is too big or too small for us. Our services include, but are not limited to:

• New roofs
• Pre-roofs
• Composition, shake, modified and designer metal shingles
• Gutters and downspouts
• Roofing certification
• Siding
• Windows

Take a moment to visit our informative website above this profile for a full listing of our services.

We are dedicated to providing quality you can count on at prices you can afford. We offer a 5 year workmanship guarantee, and work with all insurance companies. So, call us today and get a free estimate.

We offer affordable prices and a five year workmanship guarantee. Call us today for all your roofing, siding and window needs!

5 Amazing Roofs

Here’s a litte fun for your weekday: 5 amazing roofs from across the world.

Imagine having a pool or a garden on top of your roof. Sure beats thatch and mud!

After you’ve enjoyed this post, give us a call at A & H Roofing for all your roofing needs (we do gutters and siding, too): 303.659.8088.

My roof got damaged. What now?

In Colorado it’s hard to predict what weather your roof will have to endure from one day to the next. We’ve got it all  - from hail, sleet and snow to blazing sunlight – sometimes all in one day!

If any one of these elements has caused damage to your roof, here are some tips on what to do next:

Filing an Insurance Claim:


Locate your homeowners insurance and policy number.

Insurance Company

Policy Number

Claim Number (write it down)

How to protect your roof as an investment

Rain. Snow. Wind. Sun. Salt. It’s a wonder that some things last as long as they do with all the weather variances we face. The roof is the important building component when it comes to weather protection and is the one thing that significantly protects the investment of the owner, by protecting the structure. Maintenance-free roofing systems do not exist, because all types of roofs require a certain amount of attention.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect time to start an annual maintenance program. The importance is obvious – to extend the service life of the existing roof system. You want to catch problems early or even before they occur. Comprehensive repairs not only make the roof last longer, but also provide cost savings to the facility’s owner.


Walk the perimeter of the building to ensure that any unsecured objects, such as trash cans, signs, tree limbs, and loose building materials cannot become airborne projectiles during high winds. Trees should have all dead or broken branches removed and should be trimmed away from the building to prevent possible fires or damage to the roof.


Roof edge details should be checked to ensure that they are tight fitting and properly sealed. Corners of the building are the most susceptible to wind and rain damage. Immediately fix anything that lacks integrity.


All debris and loose materials should be removed from the roof. Leaf grates, if part of the roofing system, should be cleaned and secured in a manner that keeps them in place. Make sure there is no blockage of any kind in drainage areas. Look for cracks or leaking on all areas of the roof and repair as needed.


Check all sealants on penetrations and terminations. All roof mounted equipment (HVAC units, satellite dishes, antennas, duct work, etc.) should be secured in a manner which will not allow movement. If it can be moved by hand it will become displaced in a storm or with wind. All service panel doors should be inspected to ensure that they are properly fastened. Any missing fasteners should be replaced.

A thorough maintenance program will address problems at their initial stage, minimizing or eliminating damage to interior furnishings, equipment, building materials and finishes. In this way, building owners avoid expenditures and preserve their investment, from top to bottom.

Source: The World’s Best Roofing Blog

Gutter cleaning Denver

Our mild fall/winter so far has given us some extra time to get our gutters cleaned! Now’s the time to get this pesky household chore taken care of, before the snow starts falling in earnest. Call A & H Roofing to come clean your gutters for you. We are affordable and trustworthy. Wouldn’t it feel great to get that “to-do” crossed off your list? Call us at 303.659.8088. We service the entire Front Range area.

Here are a few reasons WHY you should clean your gutters at least twice a year:

“Over time, organic muck builds up in rain gutters, creating a prime growing area for all kinds of things. Some gutters can become so built up with debris that small trees and ferns actually take root in the gutter muck. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year for this reason. Ignoring the task can create numerous problems, such as rotted fascia boards, water damage to the sides and roof of your home, and even foundation problems. To cut down the amount of debris you’ll have to clean out, make sure there are no trees or tall shrubs arching over the house. You will have less to clear out when you do clean the gutters. This can also help keep moss and ferns from growing in there as well.” (Source:

Five questions to ask your roofer

This is a great article from on what to ask your roofer:

Roofing experts Parker, Highlands Ranch, Thornton, Westminster, Arvada…

If you are a resident of Denver or any one of Denver’s surrounding cities, including Parker, Highlands Ranch, Thornton, Westminster, or Arvada, A & H Roofing is your local roofing expert.

What does being an EXPERT mean, exactly?

It means we have been in business since 1998. Prior to that, each of our founders, Tom Herman and Mike Aberle, had a long history in roofing. In fact, Tom Herman comes from a long line of family-owned roofing businesses. His father and all of his father’s brothers have owned their own roofing companies for years. You could say he grew up in the business.

It means we have our own in-house inspector for quality control along with the City and County inspector to insure the best quality job.

It also means all our crew leaders have been with the company for a minimum of five years. This guarantees quality of installation and assures that employees are not being trained on the job. We do not hire new installers when busy – we keep the same quality installers busy and loyal all year long.

Call us today at 303.659.8088 for all of your  roofing, hail damage, gutter, and siding needs!

Prepare your home for winter with these simple tips

The first snowfall is fast approaching! Time to make sure your home is winterized. Follow these simple tips from and your house will be in tip top shape for the extreme conditions coming soon…

How to find a leak in your roof – leak detection tips

It’s been raining and raining here in Colorado, from Denver to Westminster, Castle Rock to Boulder, and everywhere in between. At A & H Roofing we know that rain can mean leaks which can be devastating to your house. Even small leaks can cause massive water damage to the interior of your home. A solid, leak-proof roof is your first defense against thousands of dollars in damage. So checking your roof for leaks is essential to the protection of your home.

Finding a leak can be the trickiest part of fixing it, though. This is because often where you see the water coming out is not necessarily where the water is coming in. There is the actual location, where the water is seeping through your roof, and the apparent location, where you see the water splashing around in your house. To find the actual location, if you have an attic, the easiest way to spot the leak is to go up there on a rainy day with a flashlight and look around; the water will reflect light.

If you don’t have an attic or just can’t find the source of the leak in yours, you can check several places for problems with moisture or damage:

  • Boots, the rubber seals that are around the electric service and plumbing vent pipes, air vents, and exhaust fan flashing
  • Ridge cap
  • Flashing
  • Gaskets around pipes
  • Shingles
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Dormer valleys

You may not know what some of those things are or be able to reach them. That is where we come in. A & H Roofing can do a quick inspection of all those areas plus your attic and any other places we, in our decades of experience, have seen water sneak in. Not only can we detect your leak but we can also fix it quickly and often for a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere.

Give us a call and let us help keep you and your roof safe and dry.


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A & H Roofing has been in business since February 1998, and we are proud to say we have over 30 years of experience in the roofing and gutter industry.

A & H Roofing has a no money down policy that means you pay upon completion, and only after you are 100% satisfied. We treat your home as if it were our own. We believe in doing things right and thus all replacements are backed by our 5 Year Workmanship Guarantee.