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How To Treat Attic Condensation in Your Home

Attics can be tricky to work with – they tend to be a furnace in summer and turn into a freezer by winter. Because of these unpredictable conditions, many homeowners hardly visit the attic to check on conditions. If attic condensation occurs, it would probably go undetected until it has caused irreparable damages to your house.

There are a few known causes of attic condensation:

1. It can occur when moisture from the rest of your house enters the attic and there’s no exit. Everything you do that emits moisture, from washing dishes to ironing and taking a shower could be the culprit behind moisture build up in the attic.

2. Leaks in plumbing and the use of humidifiers are also a common known cause of attic condensation.

3. If your crawlspace was not properly insulated, moisture from it can also lead to attic condensation.

Attic condensation affects the insulation of your home and ultimately causes structural damage on rafters and trusses.

Moisture build-up in the attic can also lead to the damage of the attic.

Attic condensation also leads to the build up of ice on the edges of the roof. This may lead to ice more...

Wood Vs. Vinyl Siding

The debate on whether to install wood or vinyl siding is entirely unnecessary: Vinyl siding will always win, 100 percent of the time, when compared to wood siding.

Here are a few advantages of having vinyl siding compared to wood siding:

1. Cost

The price of precious wood has been increasing over the past few years. Every market indicator also points out that this trend is here to stay. The price of vinyl siding on the other hand has remained relatively stable. At present, the price of premium vinyl siding is half that of wood siding.

2. Curb appeal

Although it is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, there is little doubt that vinyl remains a darling in the eyes of many homeowners and buyers. If you are thinking about increasing the curb appeal of your home, vinyl is the way to go. Vinyl also makes your home more attractive to buyers since they understand the long-term advantages of vinyl siding.

3. Low to zero maintenance cost on vinyl

Wood siding demands constant attention. In order to maintain wood siding, you need to paint and repaint it every few years. Wood also gradually more...

The Final Touches That Matter on Your Roof

Roofs are among the most critical parts of our houses, yet few people stop to consider the finer points of roof maintenance. Yet, a damaged or ineffective roof would be intolerable: Who wants a leaky roof? If you think a roof is a single, unitary component of your house, then think again. The term “roof” encompasses a host of other elements that are crucial to the appearance and integrity of any home.

…read more…

What is the best way to keep your house cooler during warmer days?

If you are like most homeowners, you probably think air conditioning is the best way to keep your home cooler on days when the sun is scorching hot. You may be surprised to find out that the most effective way to keep your house cool is to install the proper kind of a roof. A roof should release or deflect the heat that it absorbs from the sun rays, not absorb and store it.

Think about what might happen if you were sitting on a black leather chair outside. If you stand up from the chair, it will feel warm. If you happen to leave it for a few minutes and then return, it will still be warm. Now, consider a scenario in which you replace the black leather chair with a metal or clay chair and repeat the above process. The chair will certainly feel cooler when you return.

The composition and color of your roof have similar effects on your house. A dark roof will attract, hold and store heat for longer. It transfers this heat downward to your house and makes your home unbearably hot. A shiny roofing material reflects most of the heat.

Choosing a roofing material and its color in a deliberate and informed manner can decrease the amount of energy that you spend on air more...


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